World's highest paid politicians

I just stumbled on this. Here's the top 3 for you:

  1. Singapore: 2.75 million
  2. Hong Kong: $515 000
  3. USA: $400 000

Canada is 7th.

I'll let you check the list for yourself at MSN.

Also check Canadian political salaries revealed. Very interesting jump from 2000 to 2010.

Khadr refuses to appear for second straight day

The Globe: For the second day in a row, Omar Khadr refused to appear Friday for pre-trial hearing on murder and terrorism charges, claiming he was being subjected to unnecessary and humiliating searches by military guards. On Thursday, Mr. Khadr refused to attend the morning session after refusing to wear the sensory-depriving goggles and earmuffs that U.S. soldiers require prisoners to put on - even while they are in a windowless vehicle being transported from the camps to the converted air terminal used as a courtroom on the leased naval base in Cuba. Today’s refusal came after Mr.

Audio/Video of Gordon Brown's gaffe

Gordon Brown had what seemed like a pleasant exchange with a longstanding Labour supporter while he was wearing a mic. In the exchange, the woman made mention of hordes of Eastern Europeans immigrating to Britain. Afterward, forgetting that he was still being recorded, he made reference to the woman being a bigot. It seems to me that Brown was just telling it like it is, but he is being punished for it.
full video

Gillani contradicts Jaffer's testimony before committee

CBC: Nazim Gillani, a Toronto businessman at the centre of lobbying allegations against Rahim Jaffer, has challenged the former Conservative MP's assertion that no business relationship existed between his company and Gillani's firm. Gillani presented documents to a parliamentary committee in Ottawa on Wednesday that suggest his firm had a contract with Jaffer's company to help secure government funding. Gillani, who insisted on being sworn in for his testimony, told MPs he sought a business relationship with Jaffer because the former MP "knew how to negotiate the government maze."

Khadr turns down offer of 5 years in prison for war crimes offence

CTV: Omar Khadr will attend a pre-trial hearing in Guantanamo Bay Wednesday afternoon, hours after his lawyers turned down a purported deal that would see their client serve five years in a U.S. prison as a trade-off for pleading guilty. The 23-year-old Khadr has been in U.S. custody since he was 15 years old, after being captured in Afghanistan and accused of throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier. The case involving Khadr – a Canadian citizen and son of Ahmed Said Khadr who died in a 2003 battle -- will serve as a test run for the U.S.

Speaker says Afghan records denial is privilege breach

CBC: The federal government breached parliamentary privilege with its refusal to produce uncensored documents related to the treatment of Afghan detainees and must provide the material to MPs within two weeks, Speaker Peter Milliken has ruled.

"Jaffer met Prentice aide in Guergis's office"

CBC: Environment Minister Jim Prentice has disclosed that Rahim Jaffer met with his staff member on behalf of a company in his wife Helena Guergis's parliamentary office, not in Prentice's riding office in Calgary, as the minister first stated. Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer appears before a parliamentary committee last week in Ottawa. Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer appears before a parliamentary committee last week in Ottawa.

What do MPs have to hide?

The Globe: Ten months ago, Auditor General Sheila Fraser formally asked two committees for permission to audit Parliament's expenses, including the expenses of MPs and senators. She still hasn't received a reply. Silence equals no. Similar audits in Great Britain and Nova Scotia resulted in major scandals after revelations of major abuse.

PMO issues a cowardly retraction on the GG's apology for the Rwandan genocide

CTV: A spokesman for the prime minister is downplaying Governor General Michaelle Jean's comments today about the genocide in Rwanda. During a state visit to the African nation, Jean expressed regret at Canada's failure to act during the atrocity. Officials with Rideau Hall describe Jean's message as an apology from Canada and say it had been cleared with the Department of Foreign Affairs before it was delivered. But a spokesman for Prime Minister Harper will only describe the statement as an acknowledgment of the atrocity and the global community's failure to act in a timely way.

Jaffer and business partner testify before Committee

CBC: Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer has denied ever taking illegal substances or conducting unregistered lobbying of the federal government for access to a green infrastructure fund. During an appearance at a parliamentary committee he later dismissed as a "circus," Jaffer and his business partner faced a grilling from MPs for more than two hours Wednesday afternoon over allegations the ex-MP conducted unregistered lobbying and improperly used his wife Helena Guergis's parliamentary office.