News from Africa

Emergency rule imposed in Tunisia

Al Jazeera: The Tunisian president has imposed a state of emergency and fired the country's government amid violent clashes between protesters and security forces, state media has reported. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has also promised fresh legislative elections within six months in an attempt to quell the mass dissent over unemployment and high prices, sweeping the North African nation. There were also reports that the country's airspace has been closed and troops have taken control of the airport in the capital Tunis.

PMO issues a cowardly retraction on the GG's apology for the Rwandan genocide

CTV: A spokesman for the prime minister is downplaying Governor General Michaelle Jean's comments today about the genocide in Rwanda. During a state visit to the African nation, Jean expressed regret at Canada's failure to act during the atrocity. Officials with Rideau Hall describe Jean's message as an apology from Canada and say it had been cleared with the Department of Foreign Affairs before it was delivered. But a spokesman for Prime Minister Harper will only describe the statement as an acknowledgment of the atrocity and the global community's failure to act in a timely way.

"Homosexuality is a Western import"

Just when you think the world is a fine place and worth fighting for, Uganda tries to pass a law that will support the death penalty for "serial homosexuality," and life in prison for homosexual acts. My personal favourite is the stipulation that "helping, counselling, or encouraging another person to engage in a homosexual act" can land you up to seven years in prison. Or that homosexuality is a "western import."